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CeBIT: PANMOBIL wins IT Innovation Award 2011 in the category "Auto ID / RFID"

On 03/03/2011 at 17:00h the IT Innovation Award 2011 was presented at the CeBIT in Hannover.  35 different categories were awarded in this ceremony.  Of more than 2000 applicants PANMOBIL won  the first place in the category "AutoID/RFID". The jury of the IT Innovation Award 2011, a top-class panel of scientists, journalists and industry representatives came to the conclusion that PANMOBIL’s   RFID reader “smartSCANNDY”  is more trendsetting than  all the other submitted IT solutions in this category.   In the selection process different criteria  were taken into consideration, as, for example,  the level of innovation of an IT solution, the direct benefit to the user and the suitability of a system for large and medium-sized enterprises.

The “smartSCANNDY “ innovation lies on multiple levels:

The ease of use allows cost savings in human resources, as neither  training nor technical  affinity have to be assumed.

Normally , data which have been collected need to be synchronized with a computer . Middleware, which  must be purchased, installed and started is needed. Sometimes special drivers have to be installed .

The smartSCANNDY’s  integrated SCOUT technology requires no drivers and no installation of software, it is simply a component  of the RFID reader, which behaves like a USB device.

The data collected with the scanner can also be automatically transmitted to Excel or to a  database, simply by plugging the scanner into the USB socket.

Reasonable acquisition costs,  high reliability, no additional  installation of software and  drivers and no necessary training lead to cost-savings.

All necessary steps to synchronize with a local or an Internet located server are initiated automatically within seconds after connecting the device to a PC via the  USB interface.

As the most recent PANMOBIL RFID project demonstrates:

  • The most compact bar code and RFID scanner which unites all conceivable 1 D/2 D bar code and  LF/HF/UHF RFID scanning  technologies at a reasonable price and above all user-friendliness in itself.
  • Worldwide selected by IBM as the preferred scanner for Europe's largest plant container RFID project with over 4 million transponders  installed . Protection is offered by means of the RFID technology and complex.  Crypto procedures which are  installed on the devices to prevent the addition of illegal  copies into the container pool.

At the moment approx. 40,000 smartSCANNDY devices. are being manufactured  for this project.

At this particular example, the complex technology becomes visible on site. With the devices, which are the smallest mobile UHF scanners available, in split seconds  and without needing  any technical knowledge the gardeners and freight forwarders check the authenticity of the containers.

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