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Get more information about the HyWEAR compact,

the first hybrig wearable RFID & Barcode Scanner of its kind


HyWEAR compact is a hybrid Barcode & RFID Wearable, that makes manual material handling processes more efficient by freeing both hands to perform work. This reduces processing time per unit compared with conventional scanners or handheld RFID devices. HyWEAR compact connects directly with the next available WiFi access node and its exchangeable battery with high capacity powers the device for the duration of a working shift.

Mobile barcode scanner and RFID solutions for industry, logistics, merchandize management, retail, healthcare and more!


Technologies for

the professional handling of international



Refined  solutions

for the

optimization of industrial processes  and system enviroments



AutoID  tools

for precise

control of  

Flow of goods



Systems for

improving medical processes and applications


Firm Barcode/RFID Reader/Writer which is still comfortably to handle even with the thickest working gloves. Four transparent freely programmable buttons and its changeable front cover for individual inscription makes it unique.


Smart Order Solution

Simple ordering

and saving money!

Turn your clients to orderer! No way you can

do anything wrong with this system. Scan, transfer

ordering data - that is all about it!

EMMware with SCOUTtechnology

Perfect data transmission from your scanner to your
target system!

PANMOBILs emmbedded Middleware transmits your captured RFID or barcode data from the scanner automatically and without errors to your desired target system. No programming skills or complicated installations needed!

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