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User acceptance is the most important fact!

PANMOBIL not only offers the suitable AutoID technology

for the best production improvement

The trouble-free adjustments on existing system environments is the most important component of our target technology. Our special emphasis is on highest user acceptance, which behaves similar to the pioneer of  user-friendly technology of all times. The philosophy of Apple founder Steve Jobs was “ The best solution for the user hypothesize the software and hardware to be from the same hand!”


This high level of user-friendliness paired with the demand by the user to not presuppose as an absolute must IT- knowledge of usage and integration of existing system environments is and always has been the entitlement on all products and services originating from PANMOBIL.


Building scanner is not an art and available in every internet shop, but to ensure the connectivity to all target systems, to every platform of every internet addresses, completely without any Middleware, without any know-how or high costs and expenditure of time is. These offer you the worldwide approved methods of  PANMOBIL technologies.


The brilliancy lies in the smart solution!
Challenge us!

Always an idea - smarter!

Our EMMware with SCOUTtechnology terminates mistakes while transferring Barcode/RFID data to the aims ERP system. Our embedded Middleware transfers the data completely automatic without any user intervention. Expenses for hotline, installation and maintenance belong to the past.

Our mobile data capturing devices are iOS and Android certificated and control the barcode area (1D+2D)  via laser or its own camera reading system and also RFID (HF and UHF) using its own decoder technology.

Powerful team for

your AutoID success!

Who are the faces behind PANMOBIL? Get to know the powerful AutoID team from Cologne, who works hard to optimize your production processes and who offers you the most important puzzle parts for your success!

Pioneers of

AutoID history!

Our team looks back to over 30 years of development and distribution of AutoID periphery and data capturing software. The first barcode systems originated by the Cologne AutoID experts in 1985, whose data output took place via computer keyboards. This meant a breakthrough in logistic and POS area with which the input of the medium barcode became possible without any software adjustments. Today over 85% of all barcode systems are embedded in this way. This pioneer work with the connected active local application at the user end the PANMOBIL team has been successfully implementing with plenty projects in the home country and foreign countries.

Active member of international

technology organizations

The PANMOBIL consulting shapes the technological change in close reconcilement with the current requirements of successful companies

PANMOBIL is an active founder member of the AIM-Germany and further leading organizations in the AutoID area. Especially with the membership of the Federal Logistics Association (BVL) PANMOBIL actively initiates the efficient cooperation in a globalized economy with the core target to not only convey the importance of supply chain management and logistics, but also to boost their use and development.


Being an active member of leading organizations secures the companies Know-How! We integrate the newest technology in our consulting and projects. Thereby we secure high quality standards and required contents of innovation. Our goal is to provide the users, together with all the industrial and logistic leading companies, with the newest techniques and strategies. Therefore our AutoID consulting is always up-to-date with requirements and technologies.

Made in Germany -

capture it global®

Even in the era of globalization and in spite of the American and Asian AutoID manufacturers’ predominance we are proud that the technologies of our products are still “Made in Germany”. German manufacturing and quality standards secure your success in the international business.

Environmental protection

PANMOBIL follows the EG guidelines 2002/95/EG (RoHS 1) for limitation of using certain dangerous materials in electro and electrical devices. 

PANMOBIL is furthermore registered member of the foundation for Joint redemption systems (GRS Batteries). Therefore you have the option to dispose your used batteries in our disposal container like it is told legally.

Due to the registration as a manufacturer in the electronic equipment register PANMOBIL commit to dispose old equipment in the proper manner.

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