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AutoID scanner

Hybrid Barcode & RFID Wearable
HyWEAR compact

HyWEAR compact_data sheet.png

HyWEAR compact is a hybrid Barcode & RFID Wearable, that makes manual material handling processes more efficient by freeing both hands to perform work. This reduces processing time per unit compared with conventional scanners or handheld RFID devices. HyWEAR compact connects directly with the next available WiFi access node and its exchangeable battery with high capacity powers the device for the duration of a working shift.

Consolidated High Tech Barcode Scanner
for the mobile and stationary assignment

PANMOBIL Barcode Scanner und RFID Reader/Writer are developed constantly further appropriate to the current requirements. Therefore Barcode and RFID Scanner SCANNDY (SCANNDYbasic and SCANNDYgun) smartSCANNDY and ECCO (ECCO:Lite/Optimo/+) distinguish besides the excellent technical characteristics, the toughness and understandable operation. User capture, send and process Barcode and RFID data immediately without extensive explanations. The modularity of the RFID and Barcode Scanner allows individual adjustment to specific customer requirements, not matter whether it is a single Kanban system or a complete ERP solution, the RFID capturing devices/laser barcode scanner are the perfect choice!

Scannermatrix 2022-01-17.PNG

Brain power for continuous operations

ECCO series

ECCO captures all common 1D/2D Barcodes and RFID technologies. Thanks to the long lasting electrical power supply and hard lined resistant IP64 ABS protective case the barcode reader can be used in every environment, can write RFID tags optionally and definitely survives the outdoor use.

  • individual surface design

  • IP64 outdoor application

  • Programmable buttons

  • Same interface as OPN 2001 and CS 1504 (optional)

  • Bluetooth, USB, Wifi

EMMware with SCOUTtechnology

Stop the pain of expensive system integration!

PANMOBILs emmbedded Middleware transmits your captured RFID or barcode data from the scanner automatically and without errors to your desired target system. No programming skills or complicated installations needed!

Downloads for your AutoID tool

Software, drivers, manuals and more you can find in

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