August 2, 2017

The Swedish wholesaler Drivabolagen is expanding. In order to continue to offer the best customary delivery service to their numerous customers, they had to upgrade their logistics system. Thanks to the collaboration of two German AutoID companies, PANMOBIL and Sydesof...

August 1, 2017

Admittedly, in the 10-man company, where "Franz" knows exactly who in the company has to do each task, the question of Industry 4.0 does not seem to be necessary at first sight. The fact is, however, that the small companies, as a supplier, are an important piece of pu...

August 1, 2016

Lucie Davis just finished her Bachelor in Jewelry design. It has been very annoying for her that she always had to look for her train ticket in her purse. So she thought:"Why not combining my job with this practical matter?" The results were fake fingernails with RFID-...

July 27, 2016

A company called TÖNNJES E.A.S.T. in Lower Saxony, Germany presented the results of a big field trial with IDePLATs in Netherlands. The technology of vehicle identification has been tested a year long on a hundred military vehicles. The most important perception accord...

July 26, 2016

In the whole world there are more than billions of RFID-Tags: in products, in credit cards, in animals to locate them, in production site for controlling and so on. Partially the RFID Tags are so tiny that they cannot be seen with the regular eye-sight. The application...

July 18, 2016

Four young business men from cologne, Germany brought a completely new parking service to life, because they were tired of all the waiting in the parking lots and the long queues at the tellers. Thanks to RFID technology parking in Germany is supposed to become much mo...

July 12, 2016

Every morning this uncertainty! Did I pack everything I need? Or did I forget my keys, ID, Smartphone charging cable and my notebook on the table at home? Do you know this feeling? A provider equipped his backpacks with RFID-Technology so that we won't need to ask ours...

July 7, 2016

To have an exact overview at all times which clothing are available in the store and not only make customers happy with free Wi-Fi, but also individually consult them the fashion store Marc O´Polo works with a very modern and mobile sales strategy. To perform the best...

July 5, 2016

Playing Mini-Golf is not the problem - you take a look at the path and decide how to play your ball to have the least hits to hole-in your-ball. Playing regular Golf on huge Golf courts isn’t as easy. To be able to have a look at the path before and for Golfer to pract...

June 30, 2016

Repairing cables, laying new pipes for drains, reparation of roads: streets have to be torn and resealed because of various reasons. So that you there is a better controlling of what exactly has been done from different companies many American cities are currently test...

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FEIG ELECTRONIC introduces the world's first hybrid barcode and RFID wearable, the HyWEAR compact, at LogiMAT

March 12, 2019

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