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You can find PANMOBIL Technology all over the place!

AutoID is our everyday business! Through our very intensive organization activity we not only monitor the current technological trends in the mobile data entry (MDE), but we also want to be part of the creation. Our engineering acclimatizes therefore to any component in shape and capacity to its special design and considers the future technology. No matter if it is the system integration of individual functional modules like kanban systems or the development of completely independent hard- and software-we develop your individual AutoID solution, which integrates seamlessly in your company!

AutoID development

fast and reliable

We are fast and flexible when it is about developing new solutions in the mobile data entry environment. You should soon benefit from a new solution and be able to initiate it right away and not until the MDE technology put dust on again. That is the reason why our developing stages consist of very short chain of commands.  Individual solution approaches can be tested without passing through long decision chains.


Benefit from our Rapid Prototyping! Instead of discussing our solution mainly theoretically, we develop executable prototypes for you, which imply both electronic and the case, to sum it up the design and the complete unit. This completed solution can be explicitly tested in your system landscape to quickly recognize if the solution approaches work or need to be adjusted.    

Our business activities summary

  • Rapid Prototyping: Case and electronic design fulfillment

  • Engineering always up to date: consolidated, efficient and platform independence

  • Programing individual software platforms and firmware

  • Compatible with the most important programing interfaces

  • Acclimatization of our high capacity Middleware to the solution desire

Future oriented OEM hardware solutions

No matter if it comes to metal blanks, chip sets or communication modules in the industry everything becomes tinier and more firm. The trend goes towards multiplicity space- saving, power-saving and adapting to special designs. PANMOBIL recognized these trends very early and we develop constantly new hardware solutions for you which are prepared for all the current problems in the AutoID environment.  This is why our barcode scanner and RFID reader become more firm and more efficient every day and long-term more independent from the platforms. Our goal is to develop technology that not only works with our devices, but also on every platform you desire.


Do you want the maximum flexibility using the AutoID technology? Use our wide OEM expertise to integrate barcode and RFID components!

The software is a ripsnorter

Industrial product processes are only effective when the software and the hardware differ from standard programming and are balanced specifically to the needs of your company. This is the reason why PANMOBIL develops software for the MDE device and component at the same time. The advantages for you are solutions from the same cast which integrates seamless in your system landscapes.  No matter which software route you are going to take:

Best-Practice in Engineering

RFID transponders are safe in all safety related elements and needed for identification of industrial facilities. For your safety they are inserted deep in the metal and very good shielded, but cannot be elected any more. Being inspired by the hummingbird PANMOBIL developed a special RFID pick up to reach the particular RFID nectar.     

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