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Downloads SCANNDY I

Here you'll find various programs and drivers for our products, as well as Microsoft.Net Framework, which is needed for some applications. Download the desired programs by right clicking and "Save Target As ..." to your computer, unzip the zip file and run the .exe. Before you download .NET please satisfy yourself if this is not already installed on your system and/or whether it is required for operation.

SCANNDY I quick-download

The fast and simple way data from your SCANNDY I transfer them to your system. WITHOUT INSTALLATION!

SCANNDY I download

Submits the Data from your SCANNDY I to your system and displays them in Excel, Word or any other programm you use. Additionally you can update and configurate your SCANNDY I. Needed: Microsoft .Netfx

Keyboard Emulator

Transforms the receiving data into keyboardenters. This way you can transmit your scans in every existing program. Needed: Microsoft .Netfx

USB-RS232 Converter Driver

Necessary driver to connect your SCANNDY to your system using a USB-Converter.

SCANNDY Treiber für Windows 7

To use SCANNDY I with Windows 7 you need a new driver, you'll find here.

smartSCANNDY USB Driver

Necessary Driver to connect your smartSCANNDY to your system in use of a USB-port.

Microsoft .Net-Framework

If you need to install the .Net-Framework afterwards.

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