Accessories for multiple occasions

For every application the suitable AutoID accessory

We offer customized accessories for the ECCO. Like battery charger, accessories for the transportation or additional power supplies and additional batteries.

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Belt clip

It is really easy to have the ECCO with you at any time, thanks to the belt clip. 


Compact. Functional. Elegant. The docking station for our ECCO series has features,
you'll love. It is available as a single version, but also as an exclusive 6-combo. Here you can load and synchronize six ECCOs in a row. An additional power supply is provided for sufficient energy.


Usable at any time


The Li-ions batteries with 1250 mAh can be loaded via a computer USB-port or with a power supply. With a loaded battery 30000 laser scans can be performed approximately. The powerlineECCO can also be used with regular AAA batteries - The use is guaranteed!


Belt Clip

It is really easy to have the ECCO with you at any time, thanks to the belt clip.

Special Cover Inprint

The outer look of the ECCO can be adapted to your individual corporate identity. With our changeable front covers the powerlineECCO becomes an inherent part of your company.




You can load your ECCO with the handy power supply on every electrical outlet.


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