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The genius when it comes to interfaces

with serial USB connection

ECCO:Optimo is seamlessly compatible with the mobile data collecting OPN 2001 and CS1504. Are you already using one of the named systems and want to expand your inventory with another sturdy scanner then Optimo is exactly the AutoID tool you need. Are you afraid of time-consuming software applications? Don't be! The Optimo is ready to use.

Overview of the most important functions

Seamless system integration

No matter which data capturing system you used up to now: With the ECCO:Optimo you can seamlessly keep on working. The Optimo communicates without any problems with the data readout software from CS 1504 and OPN 2001 and becomes a flexible alternative. If there is no readout software available, benefit from PANMOBILs own software "ECCOdownload", therefore the captured data are available as a text-file for further processing - It couldn’t get more comfortable.

Interface genius with serial USB connection

When you connect the ECCO:Optimo with a computer, it emulates a virtual COM-Port via the USB interface (USB-Serial). This makes sense when the USB mass storage connection in your system environment is deactivated because of security reasons. Thanks to this genius function, you are able to use all advantages of serial connections via the Mini USB connection of the Optimo. You handle your barcode configuration easily, with the selection tool "ECCOdownload.


Genius configuration and data transmitting

With this smart software tool you can reveal those barcodes to Optimo with which you want to work. For example if you only want to capture barcodes "EAN 13", you can turn off the capturing of all other codes. The data transmitting of the captured barcodes is just as simple: with the delivered USB cable, you can easily connect the device with a computer and the data are available as a txt-file. From this point on you can import your data quickly and simply to your merchandize managing system or ERP-system.

Tough in rough environments

Downfalls on concrete from a distance of 1,6 m or short falls in water aren´t a problem. It is possible because of its double-walled ABS plastic case with protection rubber. Its safety class IP64 enables the application in dusty and humid environments and makes the ECCO:Optimo to a mobile scanner for almost all system environments. We have tested its roughness with fire, ice and car wheels. See it for yourself:

The application as a quick change artist

The replaceable and customizable top shell is unique. Self-explanatory description of the display, as well as customized colors and logos make ECCO:Optimo easily adoptable to every corporate identity.

Longlasting battery life

Thanks to the integrated high performance Litium Polymer battery ECCO:Optimo can be used up to 30.000 captures. In this case the operational time is far more than a working shift.

Technical data

Overview of all data

Here you can find a summary of the most important technical data and available options for the ECCO series. Compare our extensive equipment for a customized configuration!

With the ECCO of PANMOBIl the mobile data capturing in logistics, industry and merchandize managing is a piece of cake!

More about the ECCO series

Downloads to your AutoID tools

Software, Driver, Manuals and more you can find on our download page.

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