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Our most solid multi-talent with RFID

ECCO+ combines a solid and rough design with advanced AutoID technology. The hybrid system not only reads 1D and 2D barcodes, but also reads and describes RFID HF or UHF tags. With the common communication interfaces like USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, ECCO+ can be used in different environments like Transportations and Logistics, Asset-Tracking, Healthcare, E-Ticketing, Time-Recording and many more.

Overview of the most important features of ECCO+:

Costum made for a variety of logistic applications

Based on the ARM9 CPU with 400MHz and the Linux operation system the ECCO+ is able to be integrated in individually existing applications. The configuration of the device functions is easy to handle thanks to the user friendly surface of the delivered software Master Setup. Special knowledge for software development is not necessary. The device can be programmed individually in C/C++ with the available SDK (with many source code examples) for applications with complicated data processing.

Perfect junction with your company

WiFi, Bluetooth, USB - It doesn´t matter via which connection path the ECCO+ should be  connected to your company or your merchandize management system - you have a free choice. And with the PANMOBIL EMMware with SCOUTtechnology you are able to set up this connection path by yourself and you don´t need to ask a programer for help.


With the MasterSetup all settings for capturing and transmitting AutoID data can be realized on the graphical interface with only a few clicks - and all of that without any programming. With the understandable menu navigation you are able to configure which functions all four keys of the ECCO+ should have, for which code types the laser should be enabled, the Bluetooth settings can be adjust easily and of course a lot more. This way every user is able to become a clever system professional himself.

The quick-change artist

The changeable and customizable top shell is unique. Self-explanatory description of the switch area as well as customized colors and logos makes the ECCO+ easily adjustable to any Corporate Identity.

Longlasting battery life

ECCO+ is able to perform up to 30.000 captures thanks to the integrated high definition Litium Polymer battery. Here for the operation time is more than one working shift.

Ergonomic, small and light

Easy handling and high user acceptance is guaranteed by ECCO+ with its ergonomic design and low weight. The handy device fits in every pocket and be with an additional clip attached to a safety neckless or to the belt.

Technical data

Overview of all features

Here you can find the most important data and the available options for the devices of the powerlineECCO series clearly summarized. Compare the equipment range for your customized configuration!

Downloads for the AutoID tools

Software, Driver, Manuals and more you can find in

More about ECCO series

With the ECCO of PANMOBIL the mobile data capturing in logistics, industry and merchandize managing becomes a piece of cake!

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