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EMMware with SCOUTtechnology

The worldwide unique wireless 
and immediately applicable middleware

With the one and only EMMware you can send the data easily from a MDE device to a host, from everywhere in the world, without any installation processes and without the user’s intervention. EMMware is a unique tool with which the data transmission is absolutely simple. The perfect Barcode and RFID Middleware Integration: connect your PANMOBIL scanner to a computer the rest will be done by the very clever EMMware completely automatic. Simply read barcode or capture RFID tags, after that it transmits your data autonomous to the computer, applications and services in the network or the World Wide Web.


Immediate integration without any installation! Thanks to the clever AutoID process and easy handling there is no need for any training or support effort. There will not be any installations on the computers. Anything necessary is already located with EMMware on your PANMOBIL reader.

EMMware with SCOUTtechnology from PANMOBIL

Seamless system integration is inclusive!

PANMOBILs EMMware is an integrated (embedded) Middleware, which transfers all the captured Barcode/RFID data automatically without any user intervention from everywhere all over the world to your desired target, no matter whether it is a Kanban or ERP system destination.

The smart solution for simple data transmission

  • Minimum effort for Proof of Concept

  • No software installations on workstation systems

  • No user trainings needed

  • Targeted choice of the transmission path

  • No maintenance needed

  • Fast payback time

  • High acceptance of the user

  • No support effort needed

  • Open to any future upgrading

Local data exchange

using a file

Captured data will be saved as tabular text file

(CSV) or directly in MS Excel format

The saved data on the MDE devices can be transferred in a standard text (CSV) or in MS Excel format to the computer. The Excel converter is already implied in EMMware and therefore also within the device.

Data delivery directly

into the internet

EMMware sends independently captured data to a web server or web shop

The data saved on the PANMOBIL scanner will be sent via mail request and HTTP Get automatically to a HTTP server so that it will be available immediately on the existing web mask.

Direct dispatch via email

Data transmission worldwide without using any existing Mail software

Simply scan barcodes, save it on the scanner and sent the data as an email attachment even though there is no installed email client on the computer. The email client is already integrated in the EMMware. The dispatch will be carried out through the configured email account to the set address.

Upload via FTP

Automatic data transmission to a random

local or worldwide file server

The saved data on the MDE device can be sent conveniently to a FTP server. The configuration of the connection data results only once in the manual display of EMMware. There you have the possibility to decide to which target system and in which format the EMMware commits data to further processing.

Data base synchronization

Automatic synchronization of the on-site data base with the data base of the target system

In applications where a local data base on the PANMOBIL devices is necessary, the synchronization features of the EMMware can be used to automatically synchronize the local data base on the reading device with a central data base server. In this connection the data on the PANMOBIL scanner and on the server are matched bidirectional in the Cloud. Therefore the captured AutoID data on the devices and the one in the cloud are always up to date. All of this happens automatically without any user intervention. You just need to connect the PANMOBIL device with your computer.

Automatic software


Always up to date with automated patch and update management

EMMware completes the update of the device software automatically and locally. The software update process demands no further user entries. As soon as the EMMware recognizes a new update it will be automatically downloaded and installed on the device.

SCOUT technology is “The next SCANeration®"!

The first and second AutoID generations were yesterday. In order to have successful production processes you need more than just to capture and transmit barcode and RFID data. It is time for “The next SCANeration”! Time for AutoID 3.0…

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