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Frequently asked questions and answers

Questions about products

Fragen zu Produkten

Can all common barcode types be read by the Mobile Devices of Panmobil by FEIG ELECTRONIC?

Yes. SCANNDY decodes all worldwide standardized barcodes in the industry. The combination of Motorola Solutions Imager SE 4500, the Motorola Solutions Software Decoder Library and the high performance of the PANMOBIL devices, PANMOBIL support the decoding of all established 1D/2D codes. These include in the 2D field: Data Matrix, QR-Code, Micro QR-Code, Aztec-Code, Maxi-Code, PDF 417 as well as Micro PDF 417. And in the 1D field: Code 11, MSI, GS1 Data bar, Postal code, UPC/EAN, Code39, Code93, Interleaved 2of5, Code128 and Coda bar.

Can I charge the storage battery in SCANNDYbasic / SCANNDYgun and the replacement battery in the docking station simultaneously?

Yes. There will be a simultaneous charging process. The battery charge condition is visible on the charging LEDs in the Scanner and on the docking station.

Do the Panmobil by FEIG ELECTRONIC devices need to be send in for software updates?

The update for the Panmobil by FEIG ELECTRONIC devices can be done via data connection, because all program parts can be loaded via cable or Bluetooth. The device itself does not need to be sent in. Current driver, software and user guides you can find under Downloads.

What happens if the storage battery of the Mobile Device is too weak?

In this case the devices turn off automatically, a data loss will not happen due to the integrated back up battery. But please note: removing the storage battery during the operation could lead to data loss and damage the file system!

Are there Mobile Devices of Panmobil by FEIG ELECTRONIC that are simultaneously equipped with barcode and RFID readers?

Yes. All Panmobil by FEIG ELECTRONIC Mobile Devices can be combined with both technologies.

Our goal: develop hybrid technology which is applicable mobile and uncompromisingly.

Which mobile devices offer UHF functionality?

Our product lines ECCO+ and SCANNDYgun are available in UHF versions. Both as a pure UHF reader, as well as a hybrid barcode and RFID scanner.

Can I write rfid transponder with Mobile Devices by Panmobil by FEIG ELECTRONIC?

The Mobile Devices with RFID functionality from Panmobil by FEIG ELECTRONIC can also write your transponders with the data you require. Provided that the transponders are not read-only transponders without memory area.

Can I use the Mobile Devices of Panmobil by FEIG ELECTRONIC in rough working environments, too?

All our devices are made for the rough use in logistic, industry and commerce. High IP safety class systems and impact resistant ABS protective frames grant an enormous stability.

Which accessories are available for the Mobile Devices?

For every device we offer you the suitable accessory which makes the everyday use of the Mobile Device much easier. You will receive additionally suitable with every device for example, docking stations, belt clips and a lot more.

How to disable PICK-List Mode?

Our 2D cameras are experts in barcode capturing. With their professional optic they are not only able to read 1D barcodes, but also the 2D area like DataMatrix or QR-codes. The camera captures therefore one picture of the barcode and its suroundings and the software itself recognizes which kind of code it is and where it is positioned on the paper. This intelligence of its own takes away a lot of work from the user and it is generally an advantage, but in some Scan situation it could be restricting. For example when the scanner gets suddenly to excited with a single picking list with plenty barcodes and scans codes that are in the sight range of the scanner, but you actually didn´t want it to read those. Exactly for those user cases we developed the Pick-List Mode in the 2D cameras. If you want to disable it, there are two ways to do it:

1. Replace the Config.INI

Please download the following file
(Right click and "save as"):

Please copy it to the device and replace the existing .After restart of the device the Pick List Mode is now turned off.

2. Manually change the config file:

a. Connect the device to your computer
b. Open drive "SCANNDY"
c. Open "Config.INI"on the drive
d. Set Picklist Mode=0
e. Save the changes
f. Disconnect device from USB and reboot

If you have further questions, please contact our support team:

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Questions about technology

Fragen zur Technik

What is RFID?

RFID stands for "radio frequency identification" and refers to a technology for automatic and contactless identification and localization of objects, products, organisms with radio waves. Please read the details in our Glossary.

How does the capturing of barcodes work?

The barcode contents different width bars and gaps. Using light sending elements like laser light or light of an illuminating diode emblaze the barcodes or rather the bar elements of the barcodes. A light sensitive sensor which only recognizes the light beam (wavelength) of the sending elements continuously bounds over the bars of the barcodes. The sensor of the barcode scanner gathers the reflecting light of the subsoil. If the underground is black for example the reflection is less than it would be with a white gap. The sensor of the barcode scanner does not gather the light continuously but rather in high clock frequency whereas a counting and the legalities which are given for different barcode norms, the barcode scanner together with the reading unit and the evaluating processor unit (decoder) recognizes the barcode and describes the different formats like ASCII or keyboard simulations. 

What is EMMware with SCOUTtechnology?

PANMOBILs EMMware with SCOUTtechnology is an integrated (embedded) Middleware, which transfers the captured data from any location worldwide to the desired target ERP system without any additional software. Only an active internet connection is required. More information here for EMMware mit SCOUTtechnology.

Which advantages do I have with the Apple-Crypto-Chip in the PANMOBIL devices?

The special Apple-Crypto-Chip authenticate the PANMOBIL devices for the professional application with iPad/iPod/iPhone. It allows next to the strong Bluetooth connection an bidirectional data transfer. Therefore not only RFID tags can be captured via HF and UHF, but also be described with any app with information. This ability allows you to extend your existing equipment of mobile handhelds easily with the PANMOBIL technologies. More about PANMOBILs App solutions!

Which transponder frequency is the right one for me?

Next to the kind of power supply RFID transponder differ in the frequency area they work in. Here you distinguish three basic areas. LF (Low Frequency), HF (High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency). Please read more in our  Glossary!

Which barcode should I use? 1D or 2D?

2D barcodes allow large data volume, but cause a more expensive camera system. Most widely used is the 1D barcode. We gladly consult you which AutoID solution is the most effective for you.

Ask us!

Where is the difference between a laser and an image scanner?

With a laser engine the barcodes or rather the bar elements of the barcode which need to be read will be emblazed and captured. Laser scanner reach a high reading distance and a high reading speed and capture only 1D barcodes. Disadvantage: by mechanically moving components, they have an increased susceptibility. Bright light also degrades the legibility of the barcodes.


The barcode imager allow larger application areas. Unlike scanners which capture barcodes  with laser technology, the PANMOBIL devices with their Imager modules take a picture of the codes. Therefore they are able to capture 1D as well as 2D barocdes like DataMatrix-Codes, which apply by ordering from paper catalogues. Through their software decoder which interprets the information of taken picture they also recognize codes when the are partly damaged or creased.

How dangerous is the laser used in the SCANNDY?

SCANNDY uses laser class 1 whereas a fractional power consumption and creates an equally low light intensity. The high precision of the reading process is reached by sensitive receiving diodes and a high decoding complexity. The laser is not dangerous, but should never be pointed directly and for a long time into the eyes.

From which distance can SCANNDY read barcodes?

The distance depends on the barcode resolution since with the distance to the laser the focus differs and the resolution changes.

Do transponder and radio systems like Bluetooth or cellular radio disturb each other?

No. Through the RFID attunement of the PANMOBIL components it is possible to simultaneously use RFID and Bluetooth.

Which range do Bluetooth SCANNDY devices have?

Class 1 Bluetooth reaches up to 100 m outdoor. Class 2 by passes 30m.

What is the description of RoHS?

RoHS is the shortcut for the guidelines 2002/95/EG of the European parlament and counsil to restrict using specific dangerous material in electrical and electronic devices. (Directive on the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment). The aim of the directive is to exile problematic structural components in electronic products. PANMOBIL therefore uses 100% compatible scanner engines from japanese precision manufacturing. We are a registered manufacturer in the electrical equipment register and are committed to dispose our equipment properly.

What is a radio network?

With a wireless network, wireless connections are set to different data sources, such as mobile handheld terminals, PC's, cell phones etc. at the same time. Here, the connection of  different users and devices are possible like computer networks. This data networks can be spread to different areas, it only needs an appropriate amount of transmitter/ reciever (Accesspoints) to be installed. Common technologies are Bluetooth, WiFi/WLAN, GSM/GPRS. More about the simple intergration of the PANMOBIL technology you will find under Connectivity!

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Questions about service

Fragen zum Service

How does the RMA service works at PANMOBIL?

For the material exchange service you need a RMA number. First step contact our customer support, which initiailze the RMA process an gives you the RMA number. More information to this topic,visit RMA-Service!

How do I receive new software versions for my PANMOBIL system?

Current driver, software and user guides for the PANMOBIL device family you can find under Downloads!

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