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CC will issue new labels for the CC Container

New labels require suitable RFID readers

Since 2011 CC Containers that are a legitimate part of the pool, are marked with a red label. To keep the pool system fair it is important to update the label once in a while: therefore, CC is going to change the label in January 2019 to a new one.

"PANMOBIL portable solution by FEIG ELECTRONIC" offers a new generation of its reliable GS Scanners so that you can continue to read the new labels with powerful RFID readers.


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CC will reimburse you € 0.20 for each label

CC is asking you to please attach the new label on your CC Containers. For each label attached Container Centralen will reimburse you € 0.20 on your pool participation invoice for 2019.

CC will send the number of labels that match the number of CC Containers you have under contract at 30 September 2018.

The packages will be sent between 15 November and 15 December 2018. On 7 January 2019 all CC Containers that are used as part of the CC Pool should have a new label.

Why a new label?

The new label provides more security!

The strength of the CC Pool is that it is an open system (anybody can join) and the material is exchangeable. That also creates opportunities for misuse, like ‘free-riders’; people who have fewer CC Containers under contract than they use in the pool. With the change to a new label this will be corrected.

Our GS Scanner at a glance


GS ecco


The handy CC Container Checker with data collection functionality. CC - Data synchronisation via the PANMOBIL-SCOUT function and four big keys.

UHF RFID reader for fast label acquisition and USB connection with integrated rechargeable battery.

Easy to store on your belt or in your trouser pocket.

The scanner determines the accuracy of a container acoustically, optically and by vibration.

For verification, the device must be placed in the immediate proximity of the CC safety lock and the check reading is carried out at the push of the button.

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