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Ideas for worldwide logistic applications

PANMOBIL improves organisation, controlling, availibility and security of processes within material delivery chains.


Fusion of robust barcode scanners and a logistics app for tablets. With it, order pickers are guided through the warehouse, just like a car navigation device, so they can assemble all orders quickly.


Reliable tracking and documentation of explosives

Container Centralen

Reliable identification of RFID locks at the European plant breeders

Kunst Sammlung Nordrhein Westfalen

RFID technology and PANMOBIL scanner support the transport of art work. Thanks to PANMOBIL the explicit assignment of the right location and the identification of each art piece was assured

Kölner Verkehrsbetriebe

AutoID solution for quick and easy maintenance and repair of public transports

Ludwig Pfeiffer Hoch- Tiefbau GmbH

RFID identification of construction materials by pressing one button. Coordination in live operations

Schweizer Bundesbahn

Inventory solutions with mobile barcode/rfid scanners at Swiss railway stations

BLUHM Systeme

Portable slap & ship -  Stand-Alone solution for RFID tagging


Passenger and baggage identification

Deutsche Post

Software for simplified preparation of the labeling jobs


Video machine control systems via BCR

sonepar Deutschland

Equipment for electrical wholesale warehouses with Wifi connected mobile Windows CE based terminals to control the flow of goods

Deutsche Telekom

Optimization of stock checks with mobile scanners

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