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Master Setup

Master Setup

Accelerate your processes and
reduce the fees for adjustment

The Master Setup is an easily operated graphical configuration tool for ECCO+, ECCO:Optimo/LiteSCANNDYbasic and SCANNDYgun.


Without the slightest effort you can configure the data capturing devices as you require. Through the simple handling the modifications are easily to figure out even for users without programming knowledge. It just takes a few mouse clicks in order to define what kind of data you want to be collected. You can set up the key functions or define the data format and many more functions. Save thereby successfully Barcode and RFID logistics costs.

Software duo for a successful system integration

PANMOBILs Barcode and RFID scanner can directly be used out of the box without any big adjustments to your system environment. Our software success duo makes it possible for every scanner: our "Master Setup" and the PANMOBIL “EMMware with SCOUTtechnology”.

Save Money!

  • The Master Setup is free of charge

  • No further software development necessary

  • No trainings for staff needed

  • Independent, exact adjustment of the devices to your system environment

  • Always up to date due to frequent and free of charge software updates

Save Time!

  • Made modifications can be tested right away

  • Changes are immediately convertible

  • No necessity to learn any new programming languages

  • The universal software is already preinstalled

  • Once conducted setups can be saved as a configuration file and transferred to randomly numerous devices

More information about Master Setup

We are happy to consult you!

You want a personal consultation about the various
application possibilities of our Master Setup?

Download the Master Setup now!

The Master Setup makes it possible for the first time , that all settings of capturing and transmitting AutoID data can be realized with only a few clicks on the graphical surface without any programming. Every user becomes a smart system professional himself.

Overview of the most important functions of the Master Setup:

With a few simple clicks, you can determine which AutoID data you want to be captured with the PANMOBIL scanner. Depending on the device configuration, you have the choice between 1D or 2D barcodes and the most advanced RFID frequencies. Simply enter the type of barcode or RFID frequency, which is to be used on your system environment, and you are all set!

1D Barcode, 2D Barcode

or RFID?

Configuration of the buttons and button combinations

You have the possibility to program every single button as you require by choosing the function for example read RFID or Barcode in the particular drop down menu.

This is where you determine if the data should be transmitted for example as a text file per USB, USB-HID or via WiFi/Bluetooth. It is possible to appoint three output alternatives. These can be elected in the appropriate keyboard layout “Keys”. 

Data configuration for

the output mode 
(WiFi/Bluetooth/mass storage)

Configuration of the data set formats for the 
output data

You can decide how the data format, which you want to convert further at a later time, should look like without any changes made to your previous applications.

Static HID configuration for keyboard combinations which can be sent over BT-HID

Should it be necessary to consign the captured data like keyboard entry to a computer then you can use the help of the HID configuration to clone keyboard combinations which also would have been used with manual entries in the existing applications. The combinations can also contain function keys and special characters. An ideal tool to implement entry masks like SAP applications.

Time formats

Here you can configure random combinations of various international date and time formats. These you can combine with text characters.

Configuration of the system signaling

Here you can setup if incorrect or successful readings should result in a pip tone and/ or vibration. The vibration response is very reasonable in a loud environment like factory halls.

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