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OEM Design


Maximum flexibility with AutoID technology applications!

Through our individual OEM components application you achieve professional performance standards. You save time with development and secure profit with the optimum application. PANMOBIL has embedded modules in store for all AutoID domains with all imaginable interfaces!

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Amendment of existing AutoID solutions

Your company is already equipped with barcode scanners, but you also want to benefit from the extra advantages of RFID technology to retrieve the optimum from your resources? Extend your System with our powerful system components! Benefit from our wide expertise in the seamless integration of barcode or RFID technology in your system environment!

AutoID computer

in stamp size!

PANMOBILs DataBoards

Our revolutionary OEM AutoID components are only a little bit bigger than a stamp and form with an own powerful CPU as well as expandable transmission and communication modules a perfect powerful consolidated computer which can easily be integrated in system environments.

AutoID extensions for each system environment

No matter what needs to be upgraded 1D/2D barcode, RFID technology, Bluetooth or Wifi modules, our smart OEM components are able to expand all possible applications and acquisition techniques on existing devices. 

Development of individual 
AutoID components

You require AutoID components which are not available on the market? You have an assignment without the technical solution? You have a trendsetting idea and you are looking for a powerful and strong partner, who provides you the suitable solution with your name on it? OEM components from PANMOBIL already exist in different solutions of famous companies.

 The development of our AutoID ideas is our speciality!

Overview of our business activities

  • PANMOBIL supports you to realize your ideas

  • The commitment of the most modern microelectronics to implement your assignments guarantees you a “State of the Art” design

  • Your aims can be implemented by existing system components or by special developments uniquely for you

  • All the components of the PANMOBIL product lines integrate seamlessly in your system environment

  • Next to the manufacturing of design and prototypes PANMOBIL provides you with the serial production to the point of web based monitoring of the engaged components

  • Sustainable reliability of the designed OEM components is the warrantor of your success

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