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SCANNDY expansions as you needed

For every application we have the suitable accessories! No matter if it is high powered storage batteries, beltclips and docking stations SCANNDYbasic and SCANNDYgun are your individual AutoID companions with their extensive add on equipment.

SCANNDYgun Dockingstation

SCANNDYgun docking station is with its additional storage battery, USB or a reliable docking and linking station. The SCANNDYgun addition is ideal to administrate your AutoID data.

SCANNDYbasic Dockingstation

Additional storage battery feature, Bluetooth, RS232 or USB . The SCANNDY basic docking station is as powerful as its bigger brother for SCANNDYgun.

Power adaptor



With the useful power adaptor the storage battery of SCANNDYs can be charged everywhere.


Applicable at all times


The high power lithium ion storage batteries with a capacity of 1050 – 1250 mAh enable long applicable periods with more than 20000 scans per battery charge. The storage batteries are charged inside the scanner with the docking station or the external power adaptor.


Belt clip

Thanks to the belt clip you can carry SCANNDYbasic as needed.