Connectivity network connection locally and globally

Thanks to the PANMOBIL connectivity you can not only capture AutoID data, but also send and administrate them immediately through the different transmission paths in the networks. No matter if mobile or wireless or stationary via cable connection with the PANMOBIL Connectivity your PANMOBIL devices are connected to your desired aiming systems.

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The integrated Bluetooth module in SCANNDY places the data transmission within the range of 10m. Thanks to the multiple transmission profiles with Bluetooth interface, Bluetooth dongles, and Bluetooth receiver or the SCANNDY rechargeable and transmission unit computers can be the best partner for data transmission.

Charging and

communication unit

The combination with a charging and transmission unit opens up more communication paths. The data can be passed from the station through the interfaces like RS232, keyboard gates, USB or Ethernet. An integrated browser interface makes a TCP/IP communication with SSL-coding possible to ensure a high data security.

Connectivity to the Wifi network

Through this path your captured AutoID data is available in your wireless network. Send these amongst others via HTTP or establish a seamless live connection with your EPR systems. Control the PANMOBIL devices via Wifi from the distance. Send your staff member information to the SCANNDY display like where the recently captured data should be stored for example. 


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