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SCANNDY Modular design principle

Individual scanner due to modular structure

You want that the PANMOBIL devices integrate 100% to your system environment? This is the reason why SCANNDY is equipped with modular system components with which you can assemble your individual scanner, basically a barcode and RFID scanner to "build it yourself". The result is a custom made AutoID solution with exactly the technology you need.

SCANNDY impact protector for rough work environments

With the almost indestructible ABS impact protector SCANNDY achieves the IP54 safety class and is protected perfectly against rough impacts and ingress of moisture and dust. Falling from a height of 1.60m on top of hard concrete is not a problem anymore. You also have a better grip with the rough, ruggedized surface of the impact protector which prevents that it slips out of your hand while working. The protector is also fastened with a button, which makes it possible to attach a belt clip.

Keyboard options for every operational purpose

For SCANNDYbasic and SCANNDYgun you can choose between keyboard variations with 7 or 19 buttons and determine in which areas you are going to use SCANNDY. The Keyboard with 7 buttons is ideal for applications where after the capturing process no further entries are necessary and merely a choice of the Menu option is possible. For example if the captured data is stock receipts or outgoing goods. The keyboard with the 19 buttons allows you to have access to all menu options of SCANNDY. Through this it is not only possible to enter specific item amounts; it also allows you to describe the transponder with the desired data using the appropriate RFID device.

Charging and

Transmission bases

The docking stations for SCANNDYbasic and SCANNDYgun are universal charging and connection units. They possess an additional recharging functionality; they are available with or without a Bluetooth option and connect via cable connections RS232 series and USB to the computer. 

Logistic firmly in the grasp

The PANMOBIL SCANNDY types allow you to extend them with an ergonomic gun grip, which makes a continuous handling comfortable. With its big trigger button you can capture barcode labels and RFID tags pinpointed. The gun grip is additionally armed with its own communication interface with which next to the SCANNDY interface another stationary data transmission is possible via the docking station. The gun grip is equipped a bigger and stronger rechargeable battery with 1500mAh in the inside. With this been said all long lasting inventories become a walk in the park.

SCANNDYgun Desktop

SCANNDY can also be used with cable connection as an online Scanner directly via V24, USB or keyboard. Hereby you can combine it solidly with computer to capture AutoID data stationary. Therefore SCANNDY is the ideal tool for cashier systems or a central warehouse organization for example.

The variation SCANNDYgun Desktop BT can also be equipped with a keyboard with 7 buttons and without a display. Ideal for applications where 1D/2D barcodes and RFID transponder of all frequency areas close to the working station comfortably need to be captured and directly transmitted to the processing mask of ERP systems. The automatically transmission from the central data capturing station to the working station computer occurs via Bluetooth class 2. It replaces the painful manual keyboard entries with an automatic HID connection.

SCANNDYgun Desktop

Bluetooth version

SCANNDYgun far

range RFID antenna

The most secure data capturing! Through the modularly structure SCANNDYgun can be combined with a big RFID antenna. It makes it possible for a higher reading range. 


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