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Merchandize management, inventory + ordering!

SCANNDY:wawi makes inventory become very easy! Scanning goods with the SCANNDY Barcode reader, adding quantity and the warehouse location if requested. Download the data via USB to a PC and modify, sort or print the data in Microsoft Excel or other applications automatically.

The SCANNDY:wawi solution is a merchandize managing solution on the SCANNDYbasic, which is a RFID and barcode scanner. With the SCANNDY:wawi solution you can manage your inventory quickly, easily and inexpensively. Inventory, goods receipt and outgoing goods: no problem for the SCANNDY:wawi. It is so evident in the operation so that everybody can use it immediatly without much training.


in action

Switch it on and start immediately

At the beginning the user ID can be stored  to see who is responsible for the data collecting (this entry is voluntary). Hereafter the inventory will be captured like you can see in the imaged cycle. Up to 50.000.000 captures per session are storable in the SCANNDY. The simple handling of hardware and software combined makes SCANNDY:wawi the perfect solution for every inventory.

Storing and processing

If SCANNDY is connected via USB to a computer, the data will be transferred automatically with our

ideal EMMWare with SCOUTtechnology. The data can be saved as:


• Storing as a *.txt file

• Storing as a Microsoft Excel File (with EMMware with SCOUTtechnology)
• With free selectable filename and location
• With date and time pending filename (f.e.: 12-09-2012-09:15:23)


The stored data can be appended or deleted.

Scope of supply and optional accessories

  • SCANNDYbasic, 19 keys and color display

  • USB cable

  • Power supply for battery charging

  • Rechargeable LiIon battery

  • Mass Storage function

  • Docking station (optional)

  • WiFi (optional)

  • Bluetooth SCANNDY

  • Spare battery (optional)

  • Belt-clip (optional)


Our SCANNDY series does offer a large variety of AutoID solutions for your company. From Barcode 1D/2D or RFID HF/UHF recognition to  wireless communication via WLAN 802.11b  for professional data handling. Ask for free consulting.

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