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100% Accuracy thanks to Pick-List Mode

PANMOBILs 2D cameras are experts in barcode capturing. With their professional optic they are not only able to read 1D barcodes, but also the 2D area like DataMatrix or QR-codes. The camera captures therefore one picture of the barcode and its suroundings and the software itself recognizes which kind of code it is and where it is positioned on the paper. This intelligence of its own takes away a lot of work from the user and it is generally an advantage, but in some Scan situation it could be restricting. For example when the scanner gets suddenly to excited with a single picking list with plenty barcodes and scans codes that are in the sight range of the scanner, but you actually didn´t want it to read those. Exactly for those user cases PANMOBIL uses the Pick-List Mode in the 2D cameras.

Overeager camera

PANMOBILs AutoID tools carry a targeted assistance, a red laser crossed thread with which barcodes that need to be captured will be targeted. But the capturing range also lies outside the crossed threads, therefore the whole picture will be used and the camera basically looks where are the barcodes that I can decode? These don’t always have to be positioned in the middle of the crossed thread. That is actually an advantage, so that the user is able to handle the scanner carefree. Codes can even than be captured with the camera when the scanner hovers slightly over them. The camera interprets the whole picture, recognizes the code and helps to work fast. PANMOBILs support currently got direct feedback from a few customers that they do not have complete control of what they actually want to be decoded because of the scanners own intelligence. When plenty of barcodes are tightly printed next to each other it could happen that the user targets the right barcode with the crossed thread in the middle, but the camera doesn’t decode the barcode directly instead of decodes a barcode for example diagonally across. The Scan automatic of the camera doesn’t recognize in this situations which barcode the user attempt to decode.

Data capturing exclusively in the laser interface area

To prevent such user problems the imager has a so called Pick-List Mode by default especially for cases in which plenty barcodes get in its field of vision. The camera captures therefore only those codes which actually are in between the interfaces of the laser crossed thread. Nothing else will be decoded in its surrounding. To test if the Pick-List mode enables a modified handling of the devices, it is now activated by default in all program versions of the PANMOBIL scanners. The firmware with Pick-List Mode is available on demand.

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