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11th meeting of the AIM research group “System integration” at PANMOBIL

On the 21st of January 2015, the research group “System integration” of the organization automatic identification, data capturing and mobile data communication (AIM-D) met at the AutoID developer in cologne. As a main goal it has been decided to simplify the integration of AutoID hardware in existing applications and to create an interoperability in between the communication of the individual function levels.The research group agreed on: that now a days the automatic identification is an important asset of the production and logistic


processes and it becomes more important in the future with the view on Industry 4.0, it becomes inevitable to create an open, transparent and especially standardized communication protocol for the AutoID technology. The research group made this its goal to draft the definition of the information models in shape of a companion standard. This should base on the IEC62541 standardized communication “OPC-UA” of the OPC foundation. In the next step the creation of white papers with the explanation of OPC-UA and AutoID as a guideline for the system integration of the future follows. The proceedings in this planning, you will primarily find out in the PANMOBIL AutoID-Newsletter.

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