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FEIG ELECTRONIC introduces the world's first hybrid barcode and RFID wearable, the HyWEAR compac

FEIG ELECTRONIC presents a new Panmobil product at the LogiMAT in Stuttgart. The HyWEAR compact, the world's first hybrid barcode and RFID wearable, which makes logistical processes more efficient by working with both hands and at the same time makes work easier for employees. This significantly reduces the processing time per unit compared to conventional scanners or RFID handheld devices. The HyWEAR compact is ergonomic and easy to use and can also be worn and operated easily over work gloves. The HyWEAR compact can be used with or without the fingerless glove. Due to its powerful and easy to change battery, the HyWEAR compact can easily be used for a full shift and beyond. The HyWEAR compact is equipped with state-of-the-art radio technology (Bluetooth, WiFi 2.4G/5G with roaming function), clearly visible LEDs, buzzer, vibration function and a robust housing and leaves nothing to be desired.

For more information about the HyWEAR compact, please visit the website of FEIG ELECTRONIC


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