Is the scanner talking?

March 23, 2016


Logimat 2016: Starting with the newest PANMOBIL technology for Barcode-/and RFID scanner. All about a sound chip to replay Wav- and MP3 files in shape of sounds, commands and indications. The PANMOBIL devices will come with a lot of sounds in the future which enables voice operated production processes.

Clear and distinct representations in the acoustic field


PANMOBILs AutoID scanner which already are equipped with a programmable Linux operations system and a high performance scan engine got a sound upgrade. Sounds and commands during the production processes which can be realized by the users. The powerlineECCO for example is able to say "Promotional products" when multiple barcodes of different items are scanned in a row to source out products or to identify expired items.


Now with the "talking devices" it is possible in the industrial processes that the scanner tell you to go to "Aisle 15, Rack 7, Shelf 3 and get a specific item". With the embedded Barcode/RFID reader it can be directly confirm if this happen or not.


At the same time it is possible through the new voice operated system of the PANMOBIL

 devices to control whole production processes: "Start with this step and continue with this and that"  would be another voice operating version for the user of ISO 9000 certified companies to keep straight with working templates and to avoid mistakes. The scanner leads the user through alerts, sounds and voices - many playback solutions which are possible with this feature.


The sound playback comes from the device itself through the high performance speakers. It is also possible to use headphones in very loud environments. This means you are completely independent when it comes to voice or sound playback.


Do you want to experience the new talking PANMOBIL scanner in action? Don't hesitate to contact us we are more than happy to show them to you:



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