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Mobile reordering in the commerce

The WASGAU production and trade AG is with 4000 employees and with over 100 super and consumption markets the regional supermarket in Rhineland-Pfalz and in Saarland, northwest Baden-Württemberg as well as in south Hessen. The centre of the trade activity is build by 100 WASGAU super- and consumption markets with sales areas between 600 and 3000 square meter and 85% of sales are achieved there. Above all 250 independent retailer use WASGAU AG as wholesale and service headquarters. Thanks to PANMOBIL the direct product and label ordering works with barcode scanner with GPRS module at WASGAU. Therefore a mobile and efficient ordering is possible for the WASGAU AG customers.


Costly and error prone ordering entity

Due to the different structure of the retail areas of the independent retailers tethered to the WASGAU AG an accurate and specially an easy to handle solution had to be found for the ordering entity. The requirement was to provide a direct connection to the merchandize managing system to ensure the data accuracy and to increase the information quality of the data. “The old solution got old and needed to be replaced with an easy, intuitionally to operate solution. Ordering by fax, email or phone was not an alternative, given that through numbers and tying errors mistakes often happen, which lead to expensive failed deliveries, complains and unsatisfied tradesman. That was for us as headquarters and the associated retailers too complicated and too expensive”, reports Gerhard Büchner IT manager of the WASGAU Service and Logistic GmbH. “The solution developed by CONXPERT in connection with the barcode scanner SCANNDY from PANMOBIL via GPRS is the ideal solution for us. SCANNDY is easy to operate and works accurate”, he continues.

Easy ordering via GPRS (Data-Telemetry card)

The retailer captures the data of the items to be reordered with the barcode reader SCANNDY directly from the shelves or the order records and enters the amount. Afterwards SCANNDY sends the ordering via GPRS to CONXPERT GmbH Co KG, from where the data automatically transfers to the WASGAU merchandize managing system. The ordering will be usually shipped the next day. About the same system the dealer can order labels, which will be printed in the WASGAU headquarters.

Competitive and easy to operate solution with SCANNDY

The solution of data transmission via GPRS developed and implemented by CONXPERT is due to the different structure of the trader from the large super market to the smallest retail area market driven and competitive. “With these requirements we immediately knew that only one data transmission via GPRS comes into question. Not every independent retailer has a computer work station with internet access. Since the SCANNDY is one of the most and easy to handle barcode scanner, we herein found the ideal hardware for our customers. A lack of acceptance of SCANNDY by the retailer could have brought the whole project to fail”,explains the Key Account Manager Bernd Strahler from CONXPERT.

Synergistic effects at the WASGAU AG through the whole ordering processes

The simultaneous assessment of the logistics processes of WASGAU AG, and the search for sources of errors has led to the introduction of the new ordering system. Since the WASGAU AG and the CONXPERT GmbH Co KG have included the entire value chain synergistic effects developed throughout the entire ordering process. The completely automatic integration of the ordering data into the merchandize managing system hast resulted in a tremendous time saving duty and order processing and increased process liability. The company saves processing and transaction costs. The information content of the merchandize managing system raised significantly and the transparency increased. In addition the WASGAU AG offers, as a wholesaler and service headquarter, independent retailer a simple ordering system, which also represents using SCANNDY an excellent customer loyalty.

Working time and cost saving at the trader

For traders it is much easier to order goods or labels directly from the shelf than inaccurate notes and the manual input of task or order numbers. A flexibility and time saving in the daily business will be achieved. Reduced walking distances and the employees show more presence in the store. The quality and customer proximity of the markets and ultimately the end user benefit.


The solution developed by CONXPERT using the barcode scanner SCANNDY from PANMOBIL with GPRS module and its direct connection to the merchandize managing system of the WASGAU AG has led to greater customer benefits and minimization of error sources and the related failed deliveries. The smooth process and resulting expense savings at the trader as well as at the WASGAU AG led to a rapid amortization of the investment.

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