On the road with Berlin Service technicians

February 5, 2014


Who are we counting on if our heater breaks down? Probably on the maintenance supervisor. But what happens if he does not know what to do? Many maintenance supervisors from Berlin are calling WISAG service technicians who trust in smartSCANNDY from PANMOBIL...

“The smartSCANNDY is a workaholic!”



Controlling the heating systems, fixing valves and replacing machinery parts – the professionals from the WISAG automatic service team Berlin are present around the clock and they are counting on technology which is reliably.


“The smartSCANNDY is a workaholic!” says project manager Sascha Gerber for service and maintenance. “Long live battery , trouble free operating, a solid construction style and the assurance to function. That is what convinced me!”




The most important part of the technicians work is the documentation. It needs to be understandable why the sensor and actuator flaps of the building service need to be maintained or replaced, not only in emergencies. In this case, every individual component has its own electrical file which holds information such as device designation, type, inspector or the current results.



Technicians are able to record information fast and easy with SmartSCANNDY the AutoID data acquisition device. Every component consists of a QR-Code. The employee scans the 2D-code with the smartSCANNDY if the device or component needs to be maintained. In order to connect and transmit automatically it is necessary to connect the USB with a service computer. This is possible with the PANMOBIL EMMware and its scout-technology. A special embedded middleware which takes care of the data communication automatically.


“What we are using so easily nowadays and what became a matter of course, needed to be handwritten on file cards before the smartSCANNDY existed” explains service technician David Jankowski. “Now, every maintenance data will be recorded and updated automatically in its very own virtual file. The only thing


we need to do is to add what we fixed, to print it out and to hand it to the costumer as maintenance document.”


The indispensible hand of the service technician


Berlin service technicians from WISAG are not only able to work much faster due to the smartSCANNDY from PANMOBIL. The detailed information about the maintenance process is very important for the quality management for WISAG costumers. This way of collecting data makes it much easier for employees to offer further services concerning replacement orders and maintenance. Motor pumps, valve drives, temperature sensors or automation stations and controllers can be replaced before breaking down or before the office has cooled out already.



More information about the Berlin WISAG:

WISAG Automatisierungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG
Lessingstr. 79
13158 Berlin
Fax: 030/6449141-33


Niederlassungsleitung Berlin Herr Dipl. Ing. Dirk Bernhardt
Tel.: 030/6449141 - 30




Kontakt Projektleiter Service und Instandhaltung
Herr B.Sc. Sascha Gerber
Tel.: 030/6449141 – 32

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