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Repairing Service with PANMOBIL

The barcode scanner of PANMOBIL support the service technicians of the Swiss Federal Railway SBB.


The requirement

The most important challenges of the Swiss Federal Railway is speed, reliability andavailability. Availability include the ticket machines on the platforms and their 100% strength use, 24 hours 365 days. If there is a dysfunction the problem report will be transmitted directly to the headquarters of Swiss Federal Railway. The SAP-System generates a service order and assigns it to a service staff member. So that the service staff on the platform can fix the problem quickly, a simple and secure solution has been developed with PANMOBIL to have and mobile access to any needed documentations and materials.

The solution

Depending on the type of the dysfunction a corresponding order and service process is been generated for the service technician from the SAP system of the Swiss Federal Railways. Since each ticket machine has its own number, the SAP system is able to directly assemble the information for the appropriate documentation of the error message and the obstructed materials and transmit it to the laptop of the service technician. The service technician is able to transmit the data via USB interface from the laptop to the handy scanner of PANMOBIL from the product series SCANNDYbasic. Just in a few seconds the repair order with all the material data and service tasks is uploaded to the scanner. On the platform the service technician scans all the activities as well as the materials which has been expanded and renewed.

The benefits

The system has been approved throughout the whole area of the Swiss Federal Railway in no time. All orders, materials, time durations and working process have a barcode now and are able to be scanned, documented and identified. Detective workmanships and incomplete notes are inapplicable. Through this systematic scanning solutions the reliability of the machines can be detected consistently. The frequently encountered difficulties, that the same mistakes have been repeatedly settled without recognizing all materials being involved has been fixed with this solution. Statistically series errors can be evaluated easily. The high acceptance of the service technicians and the saved money is a great success for the repair and service operation of the Swiss Federal Railway and is sustainable and long-term.


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