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SAP and powerlineECCO – Dream team at Bluhm Systeme

The company Bluhm Systeme GmbH located in Rheinbreitbach, Germany is an international full-range supplier in the area of product labeling. The service technicians make sure that the applied technology like label dispenser or inject printer are always operational by periodical maintenance on-site at the client. For a smooth SAP based documentation Bluhm Service trusts in PANMOBILs portable 2D barcode scanner “powerlineECCO+” to avoid expensive and time-consuming documentation errors.


Successful integration: Scanner and interactive SAP-PDF

With the 2D barcode scanner all necessary data end up automatically in the right SAP fields

With the combination of barcode scanner and SAP the technical documentation proceeds very comfortably for the Bluhm Service. When a client calls the service hotline, SAP instantly creates an interactive PDF file for every assignment which is filled out by the hotline staff with information that the colleagues in the field service need to know. This interactive PDF will been sent to the field service staff by mail.

Reliable service thanks to the automatic data capturing

Service staff with a maintenance appointment

The Bluhm Service is on duty at their clients always equipped with tools, spare parts, laptop and barcode scanner. The service technicians repair all kinds of inject or label printer or label dispenser. For their records they complete the PDF file that they received on their laptop. They gradually fill out the missing information like item number, batch number, service number and the amount needed. The 2D barcode scanner "powerlineECCO” takes care of this task and automatically fills out the missing data all at once: The Bluhm Service captures with its special camera, the so called imager the 2D barcodes, which are placed on the devices and spare parts that need to be controlled. This codes contain all the information, that they need for their records. Connected by Bluetooth with the laptop the scanner automatically fills out the open spaces with the accurate information, without any interaction of the service staff. The completed document will be send back to the headquarters and imported automatically in SAP. In the end the whole thing will be transmitted to the CRM-system, so that at anytime it can be tracked when, who and how often a reparation took place. An intelligent and reliable documentation.

Avoiding documentation errors

Tobias Schenkelberg, Service Hotline, Bluhm Systeme GmbH

“The former manually capturing system happened to be much slower than today’s automatically via barcode capturing system and it was more error-prone which has been a big problem!” Tobias Schenkelberg from the Bluhm-Service-Hotline remembers. "Being in a hurry the staff member on-site for example entered the wrong material or batch number. When a mistake like this happened nobody would realize it and it won’t show anywhere. This wrong data ended up in the reports and then in our central system. We could not apply the wrong numbers to the correct assignments, and that is when the searching, the callings and the administration chaos started. It resulted in spending unnecessary time and much effort and high expenses. We luckily could avoid all of this with the PANMOBIL-Scanner.”

powerlineECCO- ideal for the field service

Excited about the powerlineECCO: Kurt Hoppen, management Bluhm Systeme GmbH

“The great thing about powerlineECCO is that it can be used in unusual scanning situations like over your head or in tight entrances” enthuses Kurt Hoppen from the Bluhm Systeme management. "Certain components aren’t close to the computer, they are further away and still can be captured easily through the portability and the Bluetooth connectivity. Another great thing is that the ECCO not only reads 2D-Barcodes with its integrated imager, but also straight line 1D-Barcodes, which we also use. This barcode application in the service area is the first application of many more to come in the future.”

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