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The biggest RFID Plagiarism Protection Project in Europe!

More than 4,000,000 containers with plants are forgery-proof, thanks to PANMOBILs Consulting Services. Over 10,000 PANMOBIL UHF/ RFID Scanner take care of Europe’s plant breeders and transporters!


The requirements

The Danish Container Central provides three million containers for the European plant breeders. They are normed transport carriers of breeding businesses, their transportation until to the end customer. Every breeder and end buyer has to pay a commitment fee each year for the container services and their securing, their availability and their quality. Criminal providers handle a system in which they offer one million container plagiarisms for a one-time price. Container Centrals therefore have to take care of the maintenance- and the administrative costs for the inferior containers as well.

The solution

The container commission engaged the IBM to develop a secure system which would not only stop piracy but would also lower the maintenance costs. The current container locks were only marked with a barcode or colored. This labelling only assured safety for 2-3 weeks until plagiarism was on the market. The solution: the use of RFID transponder within the locks of the containers. The transponder destroyed themselves when they were being removed or exchanged, that is how they could not be copied anymore. The Container Commission engaged four million of them. The real solution was made for two things: The cheap availability of RFID-Scanner for every breeder and carrier just to make sure that there would be no transponder copies or exchanged locks between breeders, carriers and end buyer. RFID-Scanner have to be tested every second month with the IBM Server in Denmark in order to spot transponder copies in time. Due to the distribution all over Europe and the whole expenditure, mobile communication is not an option.

PANMOBIL equipped its RFID-Scanner with the unique SCOUTtechnology and opened up an easy and user-friendly possibility to connect with the security server. The safety update happens automatic and within a few seconds. All above a computer USB connector, in the whole world and location bound, as well as without any user interference.

„We engaged IBM, to find the best AutoID partner for the biggest container project in Europe. Thanks to PANMOBIL and their successful and reliable realization, more than 10,000 gardeners and carriers are using our PANMOBIL products.”

Søren Møller Sørensen, COO of the Container Centralen, Danmark

The profit

Between autumn 2009 and summer of 2012 the container centralen succeeded to take over 75% of the fake container into the circulation by a maintenance contract. The cost of four million transponders and for the system integration of IBM have paid for itself within a few months. In the first year the've earned millions of additional profits because the high cost of maintenance of plagiarism declined massively. Additional benefits also results for breeders and transporters. Besides the fact that they use the PANMOBIL scanner to check the containers, they can use them for their own logistics processes. Thanks to the PANMOBIL SCOUTtechnology, all autoid data are avaiable to their own ERP system. Smaller companies can further process the data as Excel file.

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