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A RFID beer please!

Brewing beer is an art itself. It is not really possible to read about it in the internet and to try it at home. The temperature has to be exact; the mixing of the ingredients has to be perfect and so on...But to give the fans all over the world the opportunity of the art of brewing beer and be able to try it at home, "Brewie"makes it happen. That is a beer brewing robot, which conjures a tasty beer with the help of RFID technology and you actually can present it to your guests.


The RFID recipe takes care of the right mixing ratio

Dark, Lager, Irish: in the data base of Brewie there are over 200 beer recipes, which you can try out with the robot. For the laity it is very simple: you order the recipe on the Brewie website, the ingredients package of the beer that you prefer to drink. Then you fill it into the device and scan the RFID card on machine which is included in the package. On this card the exact detail of the recipe is saved. It tells Brewie the exact procedure of brewing the beer with all details about how long all the brewing section take at which temperature it needs to brew and how the mixing procedure works out. Additionally there is an app for your smartphone, which receives the data from Brewie telling you about how much longer it takes and which section is being currently prepared via a Wifi module.

Time is an issue for the beer out of the RFID robot. The actual brewing procedure takes only a few hours, but you need to wait 14 days until the fermentation process is completed and the beer is ready.

You can watch a video of Brewie here:

PANMOBIL isn`t a beer expert, but we do know everything about RFID scanner and RFID tags. Do you want to know what else you can do with RFID? In our application catalogue we put together a couple of ideas:

Link to the manufacturer:

Link to the original article:


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