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AIDA PRIMA: The new luxury cruise counts on RFID solutions

The new giant is 300 meter long, 17 decks high and has a lot of fancy luxury for the guests: The new cruise ship called "AIDA PRIMA" is going on its first trip on the end of April and the passengers of all ages are going to experience tasty new restaurants, bigger swimming pools and expanded Wellness Oasis. Thanks to RFID all the daily routine assignment are supposed to work out very smooth and comfortably.


The boarding pass and the RFID bracelet are waiting in the cabin

This new giant "AIDA PRIMA" has a lot to offer: new proposal on the wellness program and a lot of variety and the specialty is that the whole cruise is equipped with the most modern RFID solutions. Instead of waiting in queues for a long time as a passenger to get on board the new technology allows the passengers to do all the necessary Cruise-Check-In processes at home according to WAZ. At the terminal the staff is awaiting the passengers carrying tablets to make the final Check-In and after a few clicks and a couple of minutes the passengers are ready to go on board and enjoy their time.

In the cabins boarding passes and bracelets with implanted RFID's are placed on the tables. This RFID chip contains not only the boarding pass information which helps the passengers to identify themselves on board paperless. This RFID bracelet is also the key for the cabin door and in the restaurants and bars it can be used for payment.

Additionally to the RFID bracelet there is an AIDA PRIMA App available for Android and Apple with which the passengers get to know all the directions on board and are able to book tables or events. In combination with NFC enabled Android smartphones or tablets the App is additionally linked to a door opening right. In the security center of the cruise a transponder chip is been placed in front of the NFC receiver of the passenger's smartphones. Therefore the App is linked to the security system of the cruise and enabled everyone to open their own cabin door.

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