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Amazon “Dash” became reality

Amazon is currently testing a more comfortable way of shopping. “Dash” a barcode scanner with integrated microphone. Grocery shopping in Amazons Online Supermarket “Fresh” is now possible by scanning the barcodes of the products or by speaking out their names into the microphone. Great idea, but not new at all. While Amazon is still testing, this comfortable way of shopping is already realty for the customers of advanced PANMOBIL systems.


The current AutoID trend: easy grocery shopping and fun.

You have to admit that it is just fun: I need a new package of milk, I capture the barcode of the empty package or tell the scanner: “Low fat Milk”. The scanner transmits the order via WiFi to my computer or the smartphone App, there I can double check the order, send it out and after two days at most the courier knocks at my door with the new package of milk. This grocery shopping principle is tested by Amazon in the United States and they want to motivate their customers to order the things needed in the everyday life online, instead of driving to the supermarket. If this system moves through in the United States it’s still open, but it clearly shows: Amazon also discovered the current AutoID trend. In the everyday life customer don’t want to order their groceries only by smartphones and tablets. It has to be a handy, independent, intelligent and easy to operate scanner, with which children have fun and like to “go grocery shopping”.

Amazons marketing video for their Barcode Scanner „Dash“

No customer tests necessary in Germany

Amazons idea is good, but not new and at least in Germany it doesn’t need to be tested anymore, in the opinion of PANMOBIL. The AutoID team in cologne equips its customers since years with similar , simple solutions and knows: this way of reordering is been actively asked for by the customers and already enthusiastically used. PANMOBILs engineering develops, next to industrial solutions, for an OEM customer currently a similar end customer ordering system, which is comparable with the simple principle of Amazons “Dash”. The PANMOBIL application consultants would like to show interested companies, how they can successfully realize this for their customers today. PANMOBIL though plans definitely more features integrated in the own devices, through which the everyday reordering of goods will be even more comfortable. What that is supposed to be, won’t be announced, yet, but a voice entry by microphone is definitely part of it. As soon as an user report is available, you will find out first in the PANMOBIL [blog] and Newsletter.

Periodical AutoID-News

The PANMOBIL Newsletter reports frequently about the topics barcode, RFID, merchandize managing systems, automatic identification, embedded Middleware, customers specific engineering and Industry 4.0.

Sources:, Amazon, PANMOBIL

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