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Art with glass barcodes

Illuminated by the sunlight during the day and at night with colorful LED's. New art collections made out of glass showing barcode images which are located in the visitor pavillion of the Cross church in Bonn, Germany. These are supposed to make you more contemplative, after scanning them with your smartphone.


Words of faith - chosen by students and visitors

This art collection of Carl Richard Montag is called "Lights words ". He installed these glass images in the pavilion of the Cross Church communicates the newspaper Bonner Generalanzeiger.

Different images appear through the positioning of the glass elements, which either sparkle at day time through the sunlight or at night with LED's. These glass images aren't just there to look good, in their arrangements they create barcodes which hide words of faith apparently making you more contemplative.

"Merci", "Grace", "Humor" - a bunch of different words appear scanning the barcodes with smartphones using the App.

According to the manager of the visitor pavilion Mrs. Martina Baur-Schäfer, the glass art can also be very fascinated without a smartphone. The goal has been while installing these objects to have them as permanent artistry in the pavilion of the church. They are supposed to be eye-catching, but not striking.

You can find the link to the original article with pictures here:

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