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AutoID 3.0 - The next SCANeration ®

PANMOBIL presents „The next SCANeration®“

The first and second AutoID generation is water under the bridge! There is more to it than collecting and scanning RFID and barcode data, to optimize your production process. AutoID and the employee have to melt together in order to achieve the most potential! Time for a “next SCANeration”! Time for AutoID 3.0 ® ...


AutoID 1.0 is known for scanning barcode and RFID data with a scanner. AutoID 2.0 includes the automatic transmission via Wifi, GPRS, Bluetooth or USB. AutoID 3.0® is PANMOBILs necessarily needed progression for every single automatic identification system: EMMware with SCOUTtechnology, a middleware which transfers the collected data directly into the custom solution anywhere in the world. This all happens automatically without any special needed IT-knowledge.

Deterrence due to high IT-investments

The automatic and frictionless connection between collecting data and the merchandise management of companies is often very expensive. In most cases, IT-departments or external software companies take care of the interface technology and the maintenance. Extreme high costs which scare companies to use AutoID technique but nevertheless they want to get the benefit! PANMOBILs EMMware with SCOUTtechnology makes it happen, cost-effectively! After collecting the data, connect your PANMOBIL device to a computer. The EMMware takes care of the rest!

Logistic-Center "to go"

All PANMOBIL devices are AutoID 3.0 ® certified since they are equipped with the integrated EMMware running SCOUTtechnology. The EMMware sends the collected data to a computer, to a certain application or to a network service or an internet webshop. It is really easy to understand the functionality of how everything is working, so no training or support is needed. No computer installation needed, everything you need is included in PANMOBILs EMMware. The embedded Middleware has no trouble sending the AutoID information to an Office application like Microsoft Excel or into a configured file. It can send the data via e-mail or as data file to an ERP-Server. Summarized: Collecting data, plug the device – that’s it!

No matter for which application – EMMware with SCOUTtechnology is the smartest solution which saves money and time!

OEM-Design: The most important feature of AutoID 3.0 ®

Out of long term experience PANMOBIL realized that OEM components get more and more important for costumers. They rather want individual designs instead of standard components. It often happens that companies already have AutoID technology based on Barcode scanning but they want to improve their technology by adding RFID. PANMOBIL sees the costumers need and develops individual OEM components, also called kiosk systems. Our revolutionary OEM-AutoID components are just a little bit larger than a stamp but they still offer a whole functional compact computer with own CPU and it’s connection- and communication modules which will be able to be integrated in existing systems. No matter if 1D/ 2D Barcode-, RFID technology, Bluetooth or Wifi modules should be updated, every application or collecting technique will be possible with our OEM components! PANMOBILs devices are not only getting more compact but also much more independent on the long run. Our goal: To develop techniques which can be used for our devices and the IT structure of any other costumer. With such a future-oriented technique PANMOBIL is “State of the Art” and a secure investment.

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