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Barcode made of frosting

Tasty! A donut restaurant chain in the United States thought of a special discount promotion: a barcode made out of frosting.


Mesmerizing spectacle

Every year the restaurant chain "Krispy Kreme" comes up with a new and crazy promotion. This time the headliner was a glazing machine.

In a three minute YouTube video you can see, how a machine pores many wide glossy frosting stripes on top of numerous donuts, which are moving on an assembly line under it. The distances of the nozzles are adjusted the way that the frosting´s flow patterns result in a barcode, which can be recognized from a couple of meter away.

This barcode could be captured from the video with a smartphone and the fitting "Krispy Kreme" App and lead to a coupon for a second dozen donuts, which could be additionally picked up at the store after ordering. The video has been posted in the social media channels of the restaurant.

By watching the video we got cravings all over the place:

Link to the original article:

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