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Barcode or RFID? More than a question of faith

The newest PANMOBIL article in the current edition of the Trade journal IT & Production: As well as Barcodes and RFID are established technologies for automatic recognition. Whoever needs to decide between these two, needs to analyze precisely in which context the technology needs to be applied? They differ in their qualities in different application scenarios andaren't as good as the other depending on the application environment.


More about this in the current edition of IT & Production

If you want to use an automatic data capturing system in your company to optimize your production and the working processes the first question that should pop up is the question about the right technology. As well as Barcodes and radio Frequency identification have their advantages and disadvantages.

Read the whole article below:

Barcode or RFID? More than a question of faith

Which AutoID technology is the best for your system environment? Ask for a non-binding consultation we more than happy to help:

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