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Cebit 2016: Exhibitor implanting RFID chips live

The Cebit trade fair 2016 in Hannover, Germany. In the main hall 8 one of the exhibitors offers something extraordinary. At this booth visitors can get implants, a small RFID chip planted in their hand. All of this to acknowledge how much more comfort this technology brings with-it in the daily life.


"Making humans better"

Opening doors without keys, unlock smartphones without pin codes, physicians would be able to get all the necessary medical information about the patient, paying at the cashier holding your hand against the scanner - there are a big variety of using implanted RFID chips, reporter Dennis Horn writes in the WDR Blog.

The company Digiwell doesn't want to make Cyborg's out of humans, but they want to improve humans. The visitor got a taste of it at the Cebit, how it would be to influence their environment with a RFID Chip in their hands. A little bit of germicide, a little cut with a scalpel and the 1mm small chip disappears into the hand. As simple as this it can be taken out after the test.

This marketing promotion of the exhibitor not only shows how many advantages this new technology has, but also wants to take away the fear. The fear of the humans to be followed and monitored with the chip in their hands where ever they go and whatever they do. This is not the case, the employees of Digiwell assure. The RFID chips only work out in extreme close fields. The chip has to be very close to being able to be read.

Link to the original article with pictures you can find below:

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