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Chubby on purpose

„Why is the powerlineECCO+ so big? There are much smaller and more slender barcode scanning devices in the market!“ Andreas Fraczek works for the PANMOBIL user support and does receive such requests daily. There is a good reason for such a question: The powerlineECCO+ size is 87x48x26 mm. As large as a thick pack of cigarettes. However, the smallest products on the AutoID- market are only as big as a standard USB memory stick. What is the secret for a device such as the chubby powerlineECCO+?


The size is the result of customer demands, collected over years

PANMOBILs core philosophy is to offer 100% usability of its devices. Therefore, the Cologne AutoID specialists have been in permanent contact with customers during the last 31 years. “Over the years, many customers have reported that they gave up on using small data acquisition devices“ says consultant Fraczek. “Some of their devices were just as big as a thumbnail. Often, they could not use the scanner with their gloves, because the buttons on the device are as tiny as the device itself. Furthermore, the employees quickly lost these small devices in their everyday work. Or what is even worse: when the little devices fall out of the pocket, they can often no longer be used and need to be replaced“.

The powerlineECCO+ can be easily operated even when wearing the thickest gloves

There were several reasons for designing the data collecting device more compact than others. One is that it cannot get lost so easily. In addition, its keys are large enough for using the powerlineECCO+ even with the thickest workers gloves. On top, the user has four buttons. One for scanning the desired Barcode and / or RFID tags (depending on individual configuration), and one for deleting the scanned Barcode or RFID out of the memory. The other two “Action-Keys” allow to store additional information to the scanned data. For example: An employee can press the left button when he starts the job and the right one when he finishes it. Or a cleaning person can store the cleanliness situation of the room. The keys can also be programmed according to the customers’ needs and can be adapted to the customer application. Another use of the “Action-Keys” could be PASS / FAIL, START / STOP, etc. This easy to use “Action-Keys” enables even simple structured workers to be integrated into the logistic flow.

Company Identity included!

CI, is a key feature to show up your solution. powerlineECCO+ is equipped with easy interchangeable top covers. These covers can be printed easily even in low quantities by a special low cost printing process. Everybody is asked to create its

own scanner design, fitting to the application, the company CI or to make the use of the device easy to be understood by signs, words or pictures in any language!

Ruggedness and long live battery, the must for professionals!

Another advantage of the chubby ECCO is its space for a larger battery. Power to run more than a shift without to stop for recharging. powerlineECCO’s best safety feature however is its IP64 standard. With its robust double ABS inner wall and the outer soft-rubber coating, the powerlineECCO is almost indestructible. It can drop from several meters onto the floor without getting damage. Even a car can drive over the device!

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