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Coming soon: Barcode Scanner for medical practices

German Medical Associations agreed to standard medication plans for patients. The medications and the reason why they have been subscribed and the effects in the patient’s body, all of this information will be wrote down on paper and enter into the computer. This procedure definitely optimizes the patients’ treatment process. To make it technically easy, a 2D Barcode is printed on the medication plans of the patients, that is why the doctors’ offices need to equip themselves with scanners.


Changes are immediately visible

Two weeks ago the technological specifications of nationwide medication plans have been published. This is an agreement between the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), German Pharmacists Associations (DAV), German Medical Association (BÄK) in coordination with the Federal Association of Physical Health - IT (bvitg), the Federal Association of German Pharmacies' software companies (ADAS) and last but not least HL7 Germany:

"With the new specification the barcode has been converted to a modern and sustainable standard, "says Lars Polap from ADAS. Authorized software companies have until summer 2016 to update the software for the computers at the medical practices to fit the new requirements. To keep it simple to work with the medication plans, the software is supposed to show all the information immediately in the physicians’ computer after capturing the Barcode with a Scanner and also emphasize the detail that has been changed by the other physicians.

In upcoming October Barcode Scanner become standard equipment for the medical practices. With those Scanners the barcodes of the medication plans which will be carried in paper by the patients will be captured and synchronized with the software.

The link for the original article you will find below:

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