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Connection between Industry 4.0 and "Game of Thrones"

"Game of Thrones" is very famous in the United States and a TV series where there is a lot of blood and wars. A few students from the University of Technology in Munich not only calculated who is going to die next. They also proved with their method how Industry 4.0 is going to change everything in the future.


Precise prediction with Data Mining

Will Industry 4.0 be a revolution of the industry or just a little evolution? According to the work of a few students from the University of Technology in Munich the chances are that it becomes a proper revolution, according to They programmed an application that calculates which character will die next in the American series "Game of Thrones". For the fans it is more than interesting because the authors of Game of Thrones frequently let the favorite characters disappear to keep the excitement going. On the actual website the current calculation can be pursued. Until today their algorithm had a correct prediction of 74%:

The connection of this prediction and the Industry 4.0 is where the students started to get the data for their calculation of the algorithm.

Through Data Mining they collected all the available information about the series in the internet from Blogger about the current process of the series, from the worldwide media up to Twitter posts of individual fans and throw them all in a pot and let the result be calculatedt. "They connected from the unexpected sites unexpected data with an unexpected method and succeeded", write

And something similar is been predicted for the Industry 4.0: Big Data comes more and more in focus of the B2B-Stragedy. On the trade fair in Hannover Industry 4.0 existed everywhere, and there were many usable examples how to generate something new from existing data, like Predictive Maintenance, where you get information from the inverter data of the asynchronous motor about the condition of the connected transmission without any additional sensors. The then emerging business ideas could rinse up new Player and sweep top dogs from the field-just like Game of Thrones.

The link to the original article you can find below:

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