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Current trend: Barcode fasting

There are 17 more days until Easter Sunday - 17 more fasting days. You can abstain from sweets, alcohol, shopping: The most important fact is to abstain from something that you like to do and it is hard to keep away from. Sophia Reiz is a blogger and she took this primal concept to another level: she abstains from barcodes.


Keeping away from everything that carries a barcode

Sophia Reiz introduced this idea in her Blog in 2014 and meanwhile a couple of grocery stores are interested in this idea. The whole idea is to keep away from merchandize and especially groceries that are pre-cooked and prepacked and carry a barcode. In her Blog she explains: "Apart from fruits and vegetables, which is weight at the cashier via scanner, all other groceries carry a barcode to be scanned at the cashier. Therefore abstaining from barcodes keeps you away from being comfortable and buying all the groceries from one store."

More goals are to prepare food freshly and live healthier and rethink ones food consumptions through abstaining from barcodes. In Berlin, Germany there exists a store that liked the idea very much and created a concept out of it:

You can read more about keeping away from barcodes in the Blog of the inventor:

Do you like to get to know more about barcodes and how they could be helpful to optimize your production processes? Contact us and get a free consulting:

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