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Delta Airlines: RFID tags preventing lost luggage

Bags not reaching their destinations. Luggage that get lost while been transported. Such situations should be eliminated for the passengers from this summer on according to Delta-Airlines. That is the reason why they equip their bag tags additionally with RFID-Tags to immediately recognize when luggage are missing.


Implementation of RFID at 344 airports this coming summer

Since the 90th Baggage-Tags at airports are equipped with barcodes and scanned by big scanners on the baggage belts or via manual scanners at the Check-In according to THE VERGE. All of this just to be able to track the baggage on its way to the plane and to get them to the right destinations.

With the RFID-Tags that Delta Airlines now additionally integrates in Baggage-Tags the identification of luggage will be much more accurate and definitely faster. On the luggage belts and at the terminals RFID scanner will be placed which are able to capture the the Baggage-Tags in seconds and alert the staff if a luggage is been transported to the wrong flight and plane.

With this new RFID-System Delta Airlines wants to achieve a better luggage success rate from 95% (without) to 99.9 % (with RFID).

The link to the original article with pictures you will find below:

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