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Disney develops RFID toys

You take a piece of paper and you combine it with RFID technology and the result is an interactive toy for children. Disney Research and its developers are currently researching for "PaperID" technology. It creates the possibility of implementing completely new products.


The body becomes the RFID amplifier

Switches, Buttons and Surfaces: If you combine a piece of paper with a RFID-Tag it can be transformed into different things, according to Gaming Gadgets. Similar to smartphones, touching, wiping or other finger movements can be transformed into computer commands. If you wipe the paper which is combined with a RFID-Tag with your fingers, it is possible to switch pages on the connected computer for example. Children´s books could become interactive in a way that a picture of an animal just needs to be touched, to enable the story telling on the computer screen. Another possible variation would be the integration of a RFID-Tag in a small wooden stick, with which the children would be able to interactively control a music orchestra by moving their hands.

Disney Research summarized the possibilities of RFID-Interactivity in a video:

The link to the original article you can find below:

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