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EuroID 2014: Endless pain of the system integration

Barcode and RFID are key technologies, so that now a days companies can manufacture successfully and keep up with big companies. But the application of the AutoID technology is a big headache for small and middle class companies. How are they supposed to afford purchasing and maintaining them?! PANMOBIL says: Stop the endless pain of system integration! Our response: AutoID 3.0 – The next SCANeration! We invite you: find out on the coming EuroID 2014, how you can deal with this endless pain. We give you gift certificate to visit the EuroID 2014 and for the future of the AutoID on our booth! Apply today…


The same unnecessary story again and again

The PANMOBIL application consulter listen to the same story in different varieties: a controller wants to install barcode technology in his company, because mistakes happen frequently. He thinks: AutoID is a hype right now, that could help me and orders any cheap scanner from the internet and thinks: perfect now it starts with saving money! But instead of saving he realizes that the expenses are rising with his idea. After the scanner is delivered, he asks himself how do I get the captured data from the device to my merchandize managing system? So now he has to look for the transmitting software in the internet and finds an expensive one, but realizes that this software doesn’t offer the suitable interface for his merchandize managing system, but of course after he already ordered and installed it. So now he has to pay a programmer, who installs the interface and he is happy, because now he thinks that he is done and thought about everything. So he walks downstairs to the warehouse manager and gives him the scanner and the software. He expects the unexpected, but not with the reaction of the warehouse manager. He tells him, that he does not want to and is not allowed to install any software on his computer. And the scanner has a too complicated handling his boys cant work with that. The completely frustrated controller realizes: he spend a lot of needless money and time for a solution that is complicated and not accepted by the staff. Take a look at his entire suffering path in the PANMOBIL web cast:

No more complicated system integration!

We have the solution for all suffering controller: at PANMOBIL all AutoID tools are from one hand! Software and hardware in one! The product series capture all current barcodes and RFID – technologies, are easy to handle, very firm and include the junction of your own merchandize managing system on demand. By this mean take out the scanner and start. Find out at the EuroID 2014, how you can use this simple system integration for yourself. We give you a gift certificate for the fairly entrance and our lecture.

AutoID 3.0 – The next SCANeration, speaker Peter Schmidt

Thursday November 20th, 2014, 9:30 am to 9:50 am, Forum Hall 4 booth 4.0-A25

Request your EuroID gift certificate today :

You don’t want to wait and find out today how the AutoID 3.0 works?

We like to consult you by phone! Call us +49 (0) 2203 10 334 777


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