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Excitement: RFID Journal Live 2015

In the United States it is the most significant international RFID exhibition. At the RFID Journal LIVE! once a year all worldwide leading manufacturer of RFID technology meet up and show what they are able of. In this year PANMOBIL as a German Company attends for the second and presents its hybrid barcode and RFID scanner, which the US companies already were very exited about and interested in last year. In the interview Andreas Binder, PANMOBILS technical director, tells us why he is so exited about the current exhibition.


Experience exchange in a easy going atmosphere

The RFID JOURNAL LIVE in San Diego takes place for the 13th time this year. The event in the San Diego Convention Centre is divided into exhibition and congress where all worldwide leading RFID player shake hands. “The easy going and relaxed but at the same time professional atmosphere between the exhibitor and the visitors are typical for the American exhibitions. “ This laid back atmosphere shows itself especially that the neighborhood of the exhibition participants are not separated through existing dividing walls as we see it in Europe”, tells us Andreas Binder. “The exhibition boots are approximately three meter wide and merge fluently. This is a big advantage for the visitors going through the exhibition series. They immediately have an overview of all technologies offered and a free view of the exhibits. In Europe basically every exhibitor has its own booth, the competition thought dominates. An open handling, which corresponds to the American culture

and almost leads to familiar atmosphere. The attitude of the visitors are accordingly: you are much more open for communication and exchange.” What is convenient for the visitor, is even more important for the exhibitor. The shoulder to shoulder standing leads to an easy experience exchange where you see yourself as part of a big developing unity to bring project forward.

Goal: successful cooperation with the AIM-USA

PANMOBIL, as founding member of the AIM (Association for automatic identification, data collection and mobile data communication) in Germany, contacted their American colleagues in order to get into the American RFID market. They opened up a booth together with the US-AIM-Association, to make this cooperation happen. The American AIM showed big acknowledgement for their German colleagues, especially for their engagement in public relations in order to become known not only in Europe. The intensive association work of the AIM Germany with its many appearances and lectures at exhibitions and working groups shows much more efforts than Americans usually are used to. This makes the German association very interesting for the US market. That shows itself already when you take a look at the member numbers of the two countries. AIM USA counts approximately 94 members while AIM Germany counts more than 140 partners. Numbers which impress our American colleagues and what they want to keep working on.

AutoID 3.0 – The next SCANeration® a successful, prospective concept

Companies from more than 40 countries were at the RFID JOURNAL LIVE 2015. Many international companies like NXP, Bluestar and amazingly many German companies like FEIG or Hartling will be represented at the RFID JOURNAL LIVE 2015 and a few Asian providers. „It has been really interesting for PANMOBIL to have the only modular, compact and hybrid data collection devices. PANMOBIL was able to emphasize itself against the well-known Windows devices and other important manufacturers” reports Binder. “Particularly big was the demand of PANMOBILs presented “SCANeration”. A concept developed for the RFID technology with the name “AutoID 3.0®”. Its features: automatic and system-free transmission of collected AutoID data. Everybody knows that a scanner can read

RFID but that our PANMOBIL devices are able to scan every AutoID data and send all the data via Bluetooth and WiFi automatically to any place in the world without user intervention, this is exceptional for American exhibitors and companies. ”The AutoID 3.0®, means the ability to include a complete middleware, seemed to be something totally new for the American way of thinking. The most important features, that it is really easy to work with the PANMOBIL devices and that the “Simple Operation Trend” originated in the US, was unanimously accepted.

For the online exhibition appearance of PANMOBIL click the following link:


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