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Football player carrying a RFID chip on their shoulders

In the past few years every football player in the United States has been equipped with an RFID chip. This technology makes it a lot easier for television broadcasting transmitter to follow the every move of the players.


Two RFID tags for each player take care of a lot of information and data

The size of the RFID tags are as big as coin and are placed one on each shoulder. These RFID tags send their data with 25 signals in a second to the RFID reader all over the Stadium. There are 20 RFID reader place in each NFL Stadium.

The RFID tags transmit the exact position and speed of the players to a central system and to the broadcasting transmitter, which are showing the game in the TV. With the help of this data the broadcaster are able to show their audience where all the players are located at all times.

According to the trainer are also interested in this system. With the RFID monitoring it would also be possible to add a heartrate measure system and a health monitoring system. With Bluetooth tablets the trainer would be able to watch their players and to make better decision when it is time to switch the players. However it isn't legalized yet. summarized the current technology plans from the NFL in a short video.

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Are you looking for a RFID scanner with special requirements? Inspired by the humming bird PANMOBIL developed a special RFID antenna to reach special RFID tags placed in areas which are hard to reach:


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