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Handling of material ordering - Using possible savings

The ordering of materials for the production and administration belongs to the business everyday life, yes represents an important factor of the production chain. The more important it is to get rid of cost intensive transmitting errors and wrong orders, like typing the wrong ordering data or misunderstood phone calls. Mobile 2D barcode scanner (for capturing orders), which suppliers could provide for free in connection with the ordering catalogue for their customers, is a big relief.

Success through windfall gain

The printed catalogue, which still is the first choice for ordering in offices and production fields, is able to connect through a so called DataMatrix-Code with an error free online ordering: Therefore a tiny casket next to the product (size 2.5*2.5mm) will be inserted (via modern layout programs easily done), which contains the ordering number of the product in a shape able to be scanned. With the help of the mobile scanner the purchaser can scan the code by pressing one button. In addition the scanner can be connected via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with any windows computer to the internet. The product can be transmitted directly to the desired web shop or transferred by email. For the application of the scanner there is no need for any driver or additional software. The software for the connection and the communication with the target system can be installed by default if desired. The asset costs for the introduction of the Smart Order Solution should redeem after a few month already. The supplier need for the easy to handle scanner “smartSCANNDY” no special customer service hotline, there aren`t new operational costs for training or installation. On the customer site the easy ordering process leads to a high satisfaction and rises the profit through the comfortable “windfall gain”.


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