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How does a barcode sound like?

Does a gum have a chance to become a real music hit? And does caraway sounds the same as I imagine? The Dutch artist Leo van der Veen designed the app "Barcodas". It transforms 1D barcodes while scanning in individual pieces of music with which the fridge becomes a little concert.


"Melodies for millions" with barcodes

Barcode knowledge: the 1D barcode consists of a long row of numbers which are displayed with different wide lines and gaps. With the laser of a barcode scanner they get lit up and the sensor absorbs the reflected light in the background. All of that in high vibrate rates in which a computation of reflected and not reflected surface takes place. Based on this computation the barcode scanner together with its reading unit and the decoder recognizes and reads the number of the barcode.

With the iOS app "Barcodas" the number of the barcode for example "4001246031038" transforms while scanning into a little, individual music piece. How all of that works is shown below in the video:

Link to the original article:

Picture source:

The app in the apple store:

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