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In 2019 pharmaceuticals are only available with 2D Barcodes

For more security and safety against forgery pharmaceutical manufacturer must add a DataMatrix-Code and a packaging seal on the prescript medication in the future. These are the new European guidelines that will be legally enforced in 2019. Currently 35 companies are testing a new national verification system with 2D Barcodes.


Pharmacies have to equip their inventory with 2D Barcode Scanner

The European ordinance 2016/161: requires that from the 9th of February 2019 only medicines with 2D Barcodes are allowed on the market. This DataMatrix-Code contains the serial number, an individual product code with an integrated pharmaceutical central number, the lot number and the expiry date. All of this together with a special packaging seal is supposed to be fraud resistant, describes the "Ärztezeitung" (Physicians newspaper).

In addition a new central verification system is supposed to be able to trace each and every medication on its path to the pharmacy. Therefore at the place of manufacture the medication data are transmitted to a data base with which all the pharmacies, manufacturer and supplier will be linked to in the end.

Due to the new European guideline the pharmacies need to scan the DataMatrix-Code one more time to reassure its authenticity before giving out the medication to the patients. This means until 2019 all the Pharmacies need to equip themselves with 2D Barcode Scanner.

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