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India: Recruiting police officer with RFID solution

Many people, many applicants: every year plenty Indian candidates apply to become a police officer in Mumbai. Before they will be accepted they need to complete physical tests. In the past these tests weren't very fair and very time-consuming. Thanks to the RFID technology the police department in Mumbai found an efficient solution.


1.5 kilometer run - qualified or not?

First test for the police recruiting is a Run, where it will be established if the applicants are fit enough and if they are able to complete the run in a specific time, according to THE HINDU. In the past one staff-member was located at the beginning of the lab and documented the Start numbers of the applicants and their starting times. At the end of the lab there was another staff-member located who documented the applicants lab times. The system has been very inaccurate. The applicants who failed the test discussed frequently with the staff-members, that they wrote down wrong numbers and that they were treated unfair. These made the whole process taking too long on checking if they were treated right or wrong and the Run had to be repeated a.s.o.

To end all of this discussions, the police department in Mumbai uses RFID tags for these kind of tests now, which will be placed on the chest of the applicants next to their Start number. In the beginning and at the end of the lab RFID scanner are located, which automatically capture the starting and finishing time of the applicants. The recruiting for new police officers in India is now with the new RFID solution much more "(...) effective, fair and faster (...)" according to the police spokesman Dhananjav Kulkarni.

The link to the original article with pictures see below: recruitment/article8507467.ece

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